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New curbstone for asphalt pavement

May 15, 2019

As a new type of curbstone for asphalt pavement, its dimensions are similar to the existing curbstone. It has a rectangular structure with length, width and thickness of 75 cm × 35 cm × 12.5 cm, the upper layer is 6.5 cm thick ordinary concrete, and the lower layer is 6 cm Porous concrete is cast in composite, and the outside of the back has 5cm × 3 cm through the recessed holes and culverts along the length direction. The edge stone is suitable for roads with an asphalt surface thickness of not more than 10.5 cm (roads with an asphalt surface thickness greater than 10.5 cm must be increased accordingly to ensure that the difference between the total thickness of the edge stones minus the asphalt surface thickness is not less than 2 cm) .

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