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New Curb Stone Construction Process

Aug 01, 2019

1) Open holes in the corresponding part of the well of the rainwater well. The number and size of the holes are the same as those of the new curbstones; Should not be less than 15 °.

2) Pouring fine stone concrete foundation, placing road edge stone, which is prefabricated with common concrete. For roads with only flat-edged stones, the foundation's elevation should be leveled when the fine stone concrete foundation is poured.

3) Level the foundation and ensure the flatness of the gap of the new curb stone. The foundation of the hole and culvert should be treated with mortar.

4) A new type of curbstone is placed, with the ordinary concrete layer on the top and the porous concrete layer on the bottom.

5) Check the holes and culverts between every two rainwater wells to ensure that the holes and culverts between the two rainwater wells are connected.

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